Last updated on 6th May 2024

  • Model Interface: Explaining the core parts of what makes up your model
  • Model Initialisation: Initialisation of Agents and other model elements
  • Annotations: Annotations are how the console and output process your variables
  • Model Context: The model context provides various functionality related to your overall simulation
  • Model Configuration: How you can configure your simulation parameters and settings without needing to recompile
  • Global State: The Global state is the user defined state of the world your simulations variables exist in
  • Determinism: In order to verify results your model should be made repeatable and the SDK provides multiple methods to mitigate 'pure randomness'
  • Actions & Sequencing: A brief explanation of the power that creating various actions and placing them into a multi-threaded sequential flow
  • Messaging: A basic understanding of how messages work, and how to modify them as needed
  • Random Number Generation: Useful in generation of data and distributions while not incurring non-deterministic behavior.