Last updated on 6th May 2024

Enabling MySQL Output

The Simudyne SDK will not export files to MySQL by default. To enable, set the value of the config field core.sql-export.enabled in the file to true. (More about Model Config.)

You will also need to specify the JDBC format URL for connecting to the MySQL database. This can be done via the config field core.sql-export-path in the format jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/sdk with sdk being any Database name. It is recommended that you have authentication via the fields core.export.username and core.export.password.

If you wish there are multiple ways you can avoid storing the username and password in the plain-text file format of the file. As you are able to set the configuration of these properties at run-time or via command line it would be advisable to either set these properties as part of a secure script prior to running - or to include a check in your code for retreiving the username and password that can set the properties directly via getConfig.

By default when running a new table will be created for each outputted data type as serialized, and this will also include outputting multiple simulation sessions and runs to a new table. The SimudyneSDK will not update or remove data from existing runs/sessions; however the account created for usage with the Simudyne SDK will need to be able to create and update table information.