Last updated on 12th October 2022


Returns progress of current model sampler run.


Example request body

curl -X GET \


A double value between 0 and 1 where 0 is a model sampler that hasn't begun and 1 is a model sampler that whose runs have completed.

Response Schema

Status Code 200

Name Type Required Description
id string(uuid) true
progress float true Progress of running model sampler process
timestamp Long true When the simulation run started
metadata object true
dataExportPath String true Where the data is exported

Example 200 response body

      "kind": "pojo",
      "schema": {...}

Status Code **404**
Name Type Required
message string true

Example 404 response body

  "message": "Could not find simulation '5af75d69-1926-4ef2-a56f-07ad5f85673b'"