Last updated on 12th October 2022


Given the id, returns the simulation's config object.



Name Located in Description Required Schema
id path ID of simulation Yes string

Example request

curl -X GET http://localhost:8080/api/simulations/interactive/{id}/config \
  -H 'Accept: application/json'


Status Meaning Description Schema
200 OK Request was completed successfully Inline
404 Not Found Simulation not found Inline

Response Schema

Status Code 200

Example 200 response body

  "core-runner-spark.master-url": "local[*]",
  "core-abm.serialize.agents": "false",
  "nexus-server.port": "8080",
  "core-abm-spark.checkpoint-directory": "/var/tmp",
  "nexus-server.webserver-root": "console/src/main/resources/webapp",
  "core-abm.max-messaging-phases": "50",
  "core-runner-spark.log-level": "WARN",
  "core-abm-spark.log-level": "WARN",
  "nexus-server.hostname": "",
  "core-abm-spark.master-url": "local[*]"

Status Code 404

Name Type Required
message string true

Example 404 response body

  "message": "Could not find simulation '5af75d69-1926-4ef2-a56f-07ad5f85673b'"